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. and you have to tip your and go out and we will try to split the series tomorrow. >> a's in texas to face the rangers. already lost two straight inable ton. tommy malone on the mound. six strikeouts in five innings. second inning chris carter called down to the minors friday where he hit a home run. does the same yesterday. this one a solo shot. he just clears the wall. second of the year. 1-0, oakland. beltran ties it up with one swing of the bat. carter, his 14th of the year. 1-1 ballgame. and ian kinsler in the fifth. a bloop single. two star. 3-2, rangers. two batters later, josh hamilton, see ya. three-run shot. his 25th of the year. a five-run fifth. rangers win it 7-2. texas the first team to reach 50 wins this season. and the at&t in maryland. an overnight storm reeked havoc on the course. play was delayed for six hours to clean it up. players could play but fans were not allowed on to the grounds a few club members followed tournament host tiger woods who makes a great chip for a birdie on 6. then on 10, birdie putt. he fires 67. tiger is one back at 6-under. and brendon, three b
estimated 162 million dollars. >>> in southeastern texas 12 are dead and 10 injured following a single vehicle accident. the texas highway patrol says 22 people were in this ford f-250 truck when it went off the road and hit two trees. no sign alcohol was involved. authorities believe a tire blew before the crash. >>> now governor brown has signed legislation to spend billions on the high speed rail project, bay area residents can peck to be on the hook for 650 million dollars in toll -- hikes and new taxes that money will be needed to pay for a tunnel to connect the transbay terminal to the station at 4th and king. none of the costs were included as part of the approved deal. if the tunnel doesn't happen the high speed rail line from los angeles to san francisco will be a dead end will dead end several s from downtown. >>> students working for the state will soon lose their jobs latest victims of the budget ax. 1600 students working part-time are among jobs being cut to close a 15 billion dollar deficit. they answer phones, gather scientific samples making $8500 a year cutting these j
jackson 100%. >>> texas graduate student out of critical condition at a south african hospital after being mauled by chimps he was studying. he standing between two fences when one chimp reached under an electric fence and grabbed his feet and started attacking him experts say the chimps were protecting their territory after six hours of surgery he remains in an induced coma with a broken arm and torn s, he has lost fingers -- torn ments. he has also lost fingers and toes. >> he's still sedated, seriously ill, but stable. >> his family says they have no doubt that he will continue to do whatever work with chimps he's able to do because that has always been his passion. >>> 5:45 that 4th of july barbecue going to cost more this year. >>> many new cars coming equipped with high-tech safety tools. do they do the job? which are best? new study seems to have the answers. >>> new help thousands of californians struggling to keep their homes may have. >> what do you think about in, more than two legal parents? why a local lawm >>> good morning. about you buy your next new car a report is out on
snapped by rangers last night. hamilton hit his 28th homerun of the year in texas, 6-1 win. they meet again this afternoon. blackly starts for the a's still two games over 500. >>> you didn't get a chance to catch lin-sanity in the big apple, only had a one-season troufpb go to houston now. the palo alto native jeremy lin is heading back to houston after the knicks decided they wouldn't match the three year, 25 million dollar offer he became an international phenom last year he posted on his twitter account, extremely excited and honored to be a rocket again. much love and thankfulness to the knicks and new york for your support the past year easily the best year of my life. >>> bay area organization vital to the lives of women and children is getting help. alameda county supervisor presented a $50,000 to building futures with women and children. the non-profit runs a hotline and shelters for battered and homeless women and their children. >> in alameda county it is estimated that over a quarter million residents will be victims of domestic violence at some time in their life. >> fund
on ginned by the abc7 news i-team. the report triggered a bill that led to the ban. >>> doctors say a texas graduate student is stable enough for doctors to stitch the wounds and set the fractures suffered in a chimpanzee attack in south africa. the question is why the 26-year-old was close enough to the chimps for them to attack? witnesses say this week he crossed a small fence meant to keep people at a safe distance then he either stepped on or kicked at a rock ing the chimps to grab his -- enabling the chimps to grab his foot >> he was struggling not to be pulled into the enclosure. as far as we can tell he was not dragged in all the way, partially lodged underneath the fence. >> he was pummeled in what may have been a case of the monkeys testifieding territory. one witness says he may have been trying tyke a from a chimp. >>> unclear whether two runners vying for a spot in the olympics will take part in a planned run-off in oregon tonight a person familiar with the situation says a sprint reconsidering her decision to take part nay run-off against training partner. you may remember the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5